The Clayton Built

Home Buying Journey

Exploring Homes

You’ve decided to make a change. Your current living situation isn’t working. The search is on. There are so many options and so many questions. How do I know that a Tempo manufactured home is right for me? This website is designed to give you the information that you need to feel prepared for the next step. Learn about our building process, explore homes, or view the decor that makes our homes so stylish and livable.

Learning & Selecting

You’ve gathered information from multiple sources and have a good idea of what you want. Now, it’s time to visit a retail sales center to speak with a home expert. They will be your guide. Ask you the right questions to help you find the home that fits your needs. Beyond helping you find the right home, they will assist with other factors such as land and financing. Lot’s of good information coming your way. Find a retail sales center close to you.


Congratulations! You found the one! Take some time to celebrate your decision. Then it’s time to get into the details. Your home expert will help you walk through the paperwork and all the decisions that need to be made. A lot of teamwork happens in this step to get all of the details ironed out in order to ensure your home is delivered on time and the way you want it.


You’ve moved into your brand new home. A huge milestone and a great achievement. The hard part is done. Now, it’s time to make your house a home. Hang up pictures, arrange your furniture, and begin making memories. You can also rest easy knowing that each Clayton Built Tempo home comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty to ensure the durability and longevity of your home.